The days of back alley weed & stereotypes are gone. The luxury marijuana market is emerging for “high” end consumers, creating a buzz among new users.


The Cannabis Social is a cannabis themed luxury events company that specializes in providing an unsurpassed cannabis experience to its clientele.

The mission is very straight-forward: to create lifestyle and luxury events where cannabis enthusiasts may find opportunities to socialize, network and be entertained.

A sophisticated shift in cannabis culture from the “stoner” to a new wave of cannabis connoisseurs is taking place as we speak.

To meet this demand, The Cannabis Social events provide exposure for discerning enthusiasts to connect with others who support medicinal and recreational cannabis use, and who have a positive outlook and share their appreciation of the new cannabis culture.  The vision for the Cannabis Social events are to encompass full community support and provide the foundation for the new cannabis culture to thrive.

The Cannabis Social hosts events throughout southern California, Las Vegas and nationwide. Through relationships within the entertainment industry, celebrity chefs, industry leaders, and lifestyle influencers, these events are the hottest ticket in town.





Heather Jane

The Cannabis Social is founded by So Cal native Heather Jane. Heather has an extensive background in working with investments and communications. Her vision is to create a shared community where like minded individuals may connect and network within the cannabis industry.


Harvest Green Investments

Many cannabis start ups lack the financial backing and infrastructure they need to launch and sustain a successful business. Harvest Green Investments specializes in creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive.


Sensi Chef

Sensi Chef is an unrivaled cannabis infused line of cooking products developed by Chef Ray Agishi and Heather Jane. Stay tuned for the Sensi Chef launch.